Siemens Series 81000 Medium Voltage Motor Control Center Section with two 360 Amp Starters

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Manufacturer: Siemens

Description: Series 81000 Medium Voltage Motor Control Center Section

Two 360 Amp Starters. Starters include CPTs and Multilin 269 Plus Motor Protection Relays.

Atlas Electric can also arrange in multi section MCC lineups supply fuses and any other modifications required to suit your application at an additional cost. Please contact one of our sales engineers for a quote.

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Condition: Used

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Stock Number(s): MVS135-1,MVS135-2,MVS136-1,MVS136-2,MVS137-1,MVS137-2,MVS138-1,MVS138-2,MVS139-1,MVS139-2,MVS140-1,MVS140-2,MVS142-1,MVS142-2

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